Traffic Court Attorney in Memphis

The Memphis area is a veritable maze of traffic courts, and which court you have a date with will vary widely depending on which law enforcement agency issues your speeding or traffic ticket. Click here to read more about Memphis traffic courts.

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Commercial Driver License (CDL) Tickets

If you are a commercial driver and were issued a CDL ticket you likely already understand the seriousness of your situation, as too many tickets, too serious in nature, can result in suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.

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Suspended Driver's License in Tennessee

If you have a suspended license in Tennessee you are in a bad place. Many good people end up in a downward financial spiral due to suspensions, revocations, or cancellations of your driving privileges.

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Memphis Speeding and Traffic Ticket Attorney

Don't ever pay the fine on a speeding or traffic ticket. You should always fight the ticket! Paying a ticket before the traffic court date may save you time and money in the short run, but you will likely end up with points on your driver's license, higher insurance rates, and of course, a black mark on your driving record, which could effect your career, and of course it will make it more likely that another deputy, police officer, or highway patrol officer will issue you another ticket in the future, as they may have access to your driving record.

Driver License Points and Suspension of Your License

Also you should consider that too many points within a 12 month period can lead to suspension of your license. Hiring a traffic court attorney may even save you money, as an attorney may be able to appear in court on your behalf. You should always consider hiring an experienced lawyer to handle your case, and you may be surprised that an attorney can be quite affordable, in some cases costing as little as $1oo. Please contact me for an individualized assessment of your case.

Common Traffic Tickets

Common traffic tickets issued in the Memphis area include: Speed limit, Disregarding stop sign, Speeding in school zone, Obstructing intersection/crosswalk, Following too closely, Reckless driving, Failure to yield, Improper U-turn, Safety belts required, No driver's license, Failure to maintain safe lookout, Failure to maintain proper control.