As a Commercial Drivers with CDL you Have a lot to Lose

If you are a commercial driver and were issued a CDL ticket you likely already understand the seriousness of your situation, as too many tickets, too serious in nature, can result in suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Its tough enough to have a suspended license and have to ride a bus to work. Think about how hard it is if you are the driver?

CDL Tickets Usually Cannot be Dismissed with Court Costs or Driving School

As a commercial driver your current livelihood and future career depend on your record, and you should be willing to fight every step of the way to keep a ticket off of your precious record. CDL tickets are tough enough for an experienced attorney to handle, as the state prosecutors are often either unwilling or unable to dismiss a ticket with court costs or assign driving school, both which are important staples sometimes available in speeding and traffic ticket negotiations.

You Should be Willing to go to Trial and Appeal if Necessary

Trial may be your only option, and if you go it alone, it will be you against an experienced prosecutor who may spend each and every working day in the traffic court. You should hire an attorney knowledgeable in the Tennessee code, relevant Memphis ordinances, and court procedures and evidence law, so that you can present your case to the court in the best light. You should also have an attorney available in case you need to appeal the decision of the traffic court.