A Suspended Driver License can be a Life Altering Situation

If you have a suspended license in Tennessee you are in a bad place. Many good people end up in a downward financial spiral due to suspensions, revocations, or cancellations of your driving privileges. Each additional ticket for Driving While License Suspended or No Driver License can add hundreds of dollars to the tab you need to pay to achieve reinstatement of your privileges. Local Drive While You Pay programs may be an option, but there are often competing programs which are only available if you only have one types of tickets or owe costs in one particular court, so it may cost big money to even qualify for the program.

Driving While License Suspended (DWLS/R/C) Citations are Serious Business

Although many people refer to a Driving While License Suspended (DWLS/R/C) charge as a "traffic citation" it is actually a misdemeanor, and a missed court date or multiple citations can land you in jail. Strategy for handling such cases can be complicated, and the courts at 201 Poplar can be harsh and unforgiving. A more laid back approach at some of the city courts shouldn't fool you though, some of those courts offer 30 days in jail to those unfortunate enough to not be able to get their license reinstated in what they consider to be a reasonable period of time.

In conclusion, if your driving privileges are suspended you should look for legal counsel as soon as possible and build a road-map with them toward reinstatement of your driver license.