Traffic Courts in the Memphis Area

The Memphis area is a veritable maze of traffic courts, and which court you have a date with will vary widely depending on which law enforcement agency issues your ticket. Collierville, Millington, and Germantown all have their own police departments and traffic courts in their respective cities, and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and Memphis Police Department have their own respective courts also, albeit both in the 201 Poplar criminal justice complex. West Memphis and Marion, Arkansas, and the North Mississippi Courts, in Horn Lake, and Southaven are no easier.  Don't navigate this maze yourself! Hire someone with knowledge of the courts, and laws that affect your case.

I can Likely Appear for you in Court

A great benefit of hiring a traffic court attorney is that your attorney may be able to appear for you in court. A missed morning or afternoon of work spent in traffic court may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in missed wages or other work, sometimes it pays to hire someone, even if you prefer to do such things yourself.

Call me well in advance of your court date and we can discuss your ticket and whether I can appear for you in that particular case and in that court. I often represent out of town clients who would not otherwise be able to justify appearing in court, and they often pay by credit card, discuss the case with me over the telephone, and never set foot in court.

Of course every case is different, and some citations (and courts) are very serious, and require your presence on each and every court date. I would be glad to discuss your situation and see how I might be able to help you.

Traffic Courts in Shelby County

Memphis City Court

Collierville Municipal Court

Germantown Municipal Court

Millington City Court

General Sessions Court of Shelby County

Bartlett City Court*

*Unfortunately, I do not represent clients with traffic court matters in Bartlett, as they do not recognize a citizen's right to an attorney in traffic court matters regarding petty offenses such as most non-misdemeanor traffic citations. Note that this does not apply to actual misdemeanors and felonies. In any rate, please call me and I can provide some advice if you get a ticket in Bartlett. You should at least be aware of your appeal rights.